Frequently asked questions

    Do I have To wait until Open Enrollment to het a new Health Insurance plan?   No.  You can sign up for a plan at any time of the year.  You do not need open enrollment or a special circumstance to be eligible.

    Why are the plans so much less expensive?  Is it really good coverage?  Yes if the coverage is phenomenal.  As a company we pre qualify our clients and ensure that they are healthy to start.  This way our clients are not paying for others sicknesses and injuries.  Think of it like car insurance.  If you have a clean record you pay less than someone with accidents and tickets.  They are less of a risk for the company.  Same situation here.  93% of our clients use less than $5000 a year in  insurance which allows for lower premiums and better coverage when it matters.

    How much is my co-payment?   $0.  With these plans there is no co-pay.  You have First dollar coverage without needing to meet a deductible.  meaning the insurance pays first.

    I have a plan through my employer, but it is so expensive when I add the rest of my family on the plan.  Is there a way to save money?   Yes.  An employer that offers health insurance has to pay for at least half of the premium for the employee but has no obligation to the rest of the family.  I often help families save money by taking the rest of the family off the employer plan and insuring them separately with a much lower rate?

    Do you offer Telemed services?   Yes.  This day in age it is easy to get a diagnosis and a prescription without having to visit a doctor’s office. There are Plans that start at just $22.95 a month for unlimited visits.

    Is my coverage nationwide or just in my state?   The plans are National.  Unlike the ACA / marketplace plans you will be covered anywhere you travel or move to in the US. 


    What if I get hurt at work  don’t I have to go through workers comp?  No?  This covers you 24hours a day on or off the job.  But if your job is to bay for the injury you need to follow their protocol. 

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