Best Agent Health Insurance

I have been a long-time retail associate and manager, 30 years in total. Customer Service has always been my passion. In the larger corporations, Customer Service is often preached and rarely shown to the customers. I wanted to take my Customer Service skills and passion, to a more personal level. I chose to go into Health Insurance. This fits me because there are so many people that want a Health Insurance plan but are unsure of where to go, what to do, and most of all who to trust. Then they go online and get bombarded with calls from Agents who are out there looking to, "make a buck" and not do the right thing for their customers. I have found that agents who believe they can "Sell ice to Eskimos" will sell anything to anybody, even if they do not need it. That is NOT great Customer Service, I believe that the agent who boasts the lowest price also has the lowest level of ethics. I take the time with my customers, explain the options out there, and get them the BEST available plan. Whether it is for them self, their family, or even their small business. I am not ashamed to say that the plan may not even be with me. If I do not have a plan that will work, I often have a business partner that can assist them, with a better fit for their specific needs.

I have only been working with Health Insurance for a short time but have helped hundreds of clients. My team has been doing this for over 20 years. If I have a question, they have the answer. I know I cannot possibly know everything, and I am not afraid to ask and get my client the correct answer. I have been working with people for 30 years, and like I said, “Customer Service is my top priority”. My reputation depends on it. My goal is to personally assist all my customers as I would by best friends. My commitment is to help my friends get the BEST Plan, at the BEST Price. I do what I can to customize and not cookie cut a plan for each individual situation. I look forward to assisting you at BEST AGENT HEALTH INSURANCE.